3rd – 4th September 2021

Crazy P (formerly Crazy Penis) emerged in the late 90’s as a group that brought together disco, soul and House music under one roof. Their debut album ‘A Nice Hot Bath With…’ was largely instrumental and sample-driven. The group started as a duo with musicians Chris Todd and Jim Baron meeting at Nottingham University.

They started off by playing around with the sounds that they had grown up loving, mixing it all into their sound. The original name came from a late 80’s House album called ‘Loco Pinga’. The duo soon became a trio as vocalist Danielle Moore came in and opened up whole new possibilities.

For their second album, ‘The Wicked Is music’ they recruited two more members in the shape of bassist Tim Davis and percussionist Mav Kendricks. This allowed for them to expand their live shows to greater heights and it gave them a lot of momentum, going on to record a further two albums, ’24 hour Psychedelic Freakout’ and ‘A Night On Earth’.

Then in 2008 came the name change to Crazy P and the only lineup change of the group’s career happened with Matt Klose taking over drums from Kendricks for their fifth album ‘Stop Space Return’. By 2011 they had come to release six albums and had become notorious for creating brilliant remixes and becoming quite the live performers, building up a wide fanbase.

Their most recent album, ‘Age of the Ego’, their 8th full-length release was a mixture of both their signature sound and their determination to try out new ideas. It also explored their concern for the world at large.

With over two decades of experience, Crazy P have quite the catalogue to be proud of, becoming an influential group within the story of electronic music in Britain.

You can see them bring their experimental and highly refined style to Highest Point this year on Friday 3rd September.

Tickets are on sale at Skiddle.com