3rd – 4th September 2021

Luuk Van Dijk is the young and remarkably gifted house maestro taking the dance scene by storm. At just 22 years of age, the Dutch superstar has already accomplished what many fail to achieve throughout their entire careers. And he’s just warming up.

You only need to take a look at this whiz kid’s discography, for example, to realise just how talented he really is. He’s impressed big wigs at some of the most coveted labels in the business, with releases through the likes of Hot Creations, Eastenderz, Gruuv, Roush and Lost Records. No minor feat for someone barely out of their teens we think you’ll agree.

Not impressed? Let’s consider some of his many other achievements…

He’s launched his own popular and highly successful club night, ‘Puur’ with parties being thrown in his hometown of Hilversum and in Holland’s fourth largest city, Utrecht.

He’s performed alongside some of the biggest and most recognisable names in house music, such as Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, Skream and The Martinez Brothers, at clubs, events and festivals across the world – from Netherlands based dance festival Awakenings to world dominating Catalan carnival Elrow and Amsterdam’s Open Air to name but a few.

He’s also recently established his very own record label, ‘Dark Side of The Sun’ (as if he hadn’t enough on his plate already). The imprint is home to a host of underrated, up-coming tastemakers, soon to feature on some of the biggest dance stages in the near future no doubt.

But how has this multi-faceted DJ become such a prolific artist at such a tender age we hear you say? Well, he did have somewhat of a head start on the rest of us mere mortals. Born into a musical family, raised by an opera singing mother and a music teaching father, he was always destined for a career within the arts. It’s said that he apparently created and released his first legitimate piece of music when he was just 15 years old. Mind. Blown.

Many years later, he’s perfected his craft, expertly executing his customary old skool sound with a contemporary twist. It’s a sound that encompasses the grooves and body rattling basslines so commonplace within traditional garage, techno and house music.

His latest Ep ‘Da Revolution’ is a three-track offering containing a remix from fellow Dutch producer and DJ, Toman. It’s 11 minutes and 44 seconds of fist pumping energy that truly represents Van Dijk’s robust sound.

Catch this still rising, globally renowned, house music megastar laying it down on the ones and twos at Highest Point 2021, on Friday 14th May.

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Image credit: Luuk Van Dijk