3rd – 4th September 2021

Crazy P Soundsystem

Crazy P emerged in the late 90’s and brought together disco, soul and house under one roof. Starting off as a project between Chris Todd and Jim Baron after they met at Nottingham University. Their debut album ‘A Nice Hot Bath With…’ was an instrumental and sample-driven record.

The addition of vocalist Danielle Moore soon after opened up a whole new range of possibilities for Crazy P. As did the inclusion of bassist Tim Davis and percussionist Mav Kendricks. They’ve consistently released more records since and in 2008 came their name change from Crazy Penis to Crazy P.

Their only ever lineup change came in the same year and have since gone from strength to strength, becoming notorious for their brilliant remixing abilities and their live shows are held in very high regard. With over two decades of experience, they are influential within the story of electronic music in the UK.