The Hiphopalippz

The Hiphopalippz deliver the very best hip-hop flavour LIVE & DIRECT from the 80s, 90s & beyond. All the hottest hip-hop party anthems from back in the day are taken to another dimension with this full live band show. The Hiphopalippz is a unique and electrifying live experience. The dynamic mixtape format means that all of your favourite hip-hop bangers can be crammed into an overflowing non-stop hip-hop set. The lion’s share of the crowd-pleasing Hiphopalippz set comes straight outta the party era of 1990s hip-hop, with nods to the golden age originators of the 80s, as the band digs deep into hip-hop history. With a talented live band made up of die-hard hip-hop fans, The Hiphopalippz is fronted by Matt E. Fresh & Grandmaster Ash – both huge personalities with an encyclopedia of hip-hop lyrics in their heads. Engaging the crowd at a show is their forte as they deliver line after line with stacks of stage presence and an easy-going attitude.