3rd – 4th September 2021


Friction began honing his craft in Brighton, spending his teens promoting and playing events all across the city. He went on to work with local producers Stakka and K-Tee and began to get involved with Andy C’s Ram Records label. This led to him releasing his debut single ‘Critical Mass’ in 1998 under the name Kinnetix.

This brought on a slew of major label interest in the Drum and Bass DJ. Going on to release tracks for imprints such as 31 Records, Hospital and Valve. In 2004 he set up his own label called Shogun Audio, the purpose being to break through the next wave of Drum and Bass artists.

Within Friction’s own style of DJing, he has a quite rare characteristic in the fact that he uses three decks when mashing up his mixes. He’s become such a crucial character within Drum and Bass that in 2011 he was inaugurated into the Drum and Bass Hall of Fame at the Drum and Bass awards.