3rd – 4th September 2021

Lucy Blue

Irish artist Lucy Blue was visiting London in 2020 and was so inspired by the city that she never left. Growing up scrolling through issues of Thrasher Magazine, this independent spirit found herself influenced by a range of artists.

She’s covered the likes of Frank Ocean and PJ Harvey and has named Van Morrison and Gwen Stefani as influences too. Much like other Gen Z artists, she is channelling an eclectic mix of musicians and repurposing them anew into a sound of her own.

Her single ‘See You Later’ brought a sense of hushed intimacy under a cinematic hue. It was a standout from her first EP ‘Fishbowl’ which came out this year. Lucy’s latest single is called ‘Taxi Driver’ and it’s an R&B infused pop song that further sets out how promising Lucy Blue is.