Event” means the Event that you have purchased the ticket for that will take place between 11th – 14th May 2023 at Williamson Park, Lancaster called ‘Highest Point’ and ‘Family Day Out’.

Promoter”, “We” and “Us” means Northern Powerhouse Limited or any other organisers of the Event.

Skiddle” means the official ticketing agent who acts on behalf of the Promoter to facilitate Ticket purchasing.

Ticket” means the ticket you have purchased for the Event which includes a scannable QR code.

Wristband” means the wearable band provided by the Promoter upon entrance using a valid Ticket.

You” or “Your” means you as the Ticket holder or anybody who in the Promoter’s reasonable opinion is acting with your authority or permission.

Website Terms & Conditions

Highest Point Festival is an Event run by Northern Powerhouse Events Ltd and is working in collaboration with Skiddle, the UK’s biggest independent ticketing platform. These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with Skiddle’s Terms and Conditions when purchasing tickets through Skiddle. Here You will find information on our tickets and refund policies. By buying or using a ticket to enter the festival You have accepted and are agreeing to comply with the conditions.

You will be entitled to a ticket refund only if the Promoter cancels or postpones the Event or if there is a material change to the Event. A material change is a change to the Event which has altered the Event considerably and is no longer what the customer has expected. However, this is at the discretion of the
Promoter and they will only consider these types of refunds if it is reasonable in their opinion. This will not include changes to artists or lineups.

Touting & Unauthorised Ticket Agents

Tickets will only be deemed as valid if they are purchased through Skiddle unless stated otherwise by the Promoter in writing. Any tickets purchased by You on any other platform are at Your own risk. If the event is sold out then You can join our resell waiting list on the Skiddle website. Any tickets which have been
purchased through an unofficial ticketing or reseller platform may not be valid for entry. The Promoter reserve the right to deny entry to the Event if a ticket is not valid and no refunds will be issued to the customer.

You must ensure that You have Your Ticket to enter the Event. Wristbands are in operation and will replace Your Ticket when You enter the Event. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You wear Your wristband throughout the Event to show that You have a valid Ticket. If You are attending multiple days of the Event and You are wearing a weekend Wristband then You must not damage or cut the wristband during this time otherwise You may be refused entry. Wristbands will be regularly checked when entering and on-site. The Promoter will not replace Your Wristband and You will be asked to leave or refused entry if You do not have possession of Your wristband. If Your Wristband is too tight then You can swap it
at the entrance and replace it with a new one. Damaged wristbands will not be replaced.

Tickets will be cancelled if a person is suspected of purchasing a Ticket for the purpose of reselling or commercial gain. All tickets are sold on the basis that the person will be attending the Event.

Checks may be carried out by the Promoter or the Official Ticketing Agent for fraud. The customer may be asked to verify their purchase by showing bank statement or email confirmation. If these requirements are not satisfied then the order could be cancelled or the customer may be refused entry to the Event.

Once full payment has been made on an order (or the last payment of the payment plan is made) the customer will receive an email which will confirm the purchase and present the Ticket and QR code for entry. An order reference number will also be provided so that it is easily identifiable from other orders.


A security team with trained dogs is in operation at the Event when entering and around the site. You will be searched for any prohibited items for the safety of everyone at the Event. A body search will be conducted upon entry and any suspicion of concealed items could result in eviction from the Event and/or police intervention. The Promoter relies on the judgement of the security team to
make final decisions on entry and eviction from the Event.

You may be allowed to leave the Site and re-enter up until 8 pm at the discretion of the security team. When You do return to the festival You will need to be wearing Your Wristband and You will need to go through security again. If You are found in possession of any illegal substances or are behaving in an
anti-social way whilst in the Event then You will be evicted from the site and the Police may be consulted. Anti-social behaviour includes but is not limited to littering, verbal or physical assault or substance abuse.

Age Policy

All under 18’s who wish to attend the Event must be accompanied by an Adult (Each Adult may only accompany 2 under 18’s) and supervised whilst on site. The Adult must be at least 30 and accept full responsibility for any person they are supervising. The Adult must ensure that the Event is suitable for the Under 18-year-old and they may be held accountable for any of the under 18’s actions.

We operate a Challenge 21 Policy at all bars and vendors of alcohol. You must ensure that You carry an appropriate form of identification if You wish to be served. We will only accept the following forms of ID;

  • A Driver’s License or Provisional Driving License;
  • A valid Passport;
  • Proof of Age Standard Scheme Card; and All Identification must be in date. We cannot accept photos of IDs.

    If You are using identification which is not Yours or is fake, it will be confiscated, and You will be ejected from the Event or refused entry. The police will be notified and it may result in the person using the ID and the owner of the ID being prosecuted


Media & Marketing

All Media captured during the event by authorised personnel may include photographs, videos and audio recordings. By entering the Event You are giving Your explicit consent to the Promoter for all Media You feature in within the Venue. This may include Your name, voice and likeness being included in any Media. The Promoter may use any Media for any purpose at any time throughout the world.

Filming on any of Your devices is not permitted at the entry points of the festival. Any person found to be filming here may be asked to leave. This is for security reasons and the safety of our staff and customers.

Professional Photography is only allowed when given express written consent from the Promoter

The following items are prohibited. However, this is not an exhaustive list;

  • Drugs including legal highs (prescription medicine must have a prescription)
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Aerosols or pressurised canisters
  • Weapons
  • Glass
  • Food
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Bikes or scooters
  • Laser pens
  • Audio recording equipment or devices which emit noise
  • Unauthorised marketing materials (e.g. leaflets)


If You have anything that You need to bring into the Event which is prohibited, You must notify Skiddle with a valid reason before the Event and it will be considered.