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A large area of Williamson Park will be closed to non-ticket holders from 7pm on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, Saturday 18th May 2018 and Sunday 19th May 2019. Should you wish to walk your dog/ride your horse/take the kids for a walk during these times, then access to the park will be limited and clearly signposted.

Fenham Carr is unaffected by Highest Point and is fully open, however access will be via the bottom entrance off Parkgate Road. The main thoroughfare from Quernmore Road up to the access gate of Fenham Carr near the Williamson Park cafe will also be closed as it has to be kept clear for emergency vehicles and production access.

All other entrances to the park will be closed with access to the festival site through the main entrance on Wyresdale Road.

A map will be published shortly detailing the access available. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, however is necessary for the safe and secure running of this event.

Furthermore, it may be necessary to close areas of the park from Friday 9th May to allow for the safe construction of this event. These areas will be fenced and clearly signposted as closed. Due to the nature of building a festival site and the use of heavy machinery, these closures will be dynamic.


All access to the park will be ticketed from 11am on Friday 17th May, 11am on Saturday 18th May and 9am on Sunday 19th May.

Access will be through the main entrance on Wyresdale Road. All other access to the park will be closed for the duration and reopen from 7pm, Sunday 19th May. Again this will be dynamic access as we return the park to it’s original state.

Each day requires access a paid for ticket available online, with the majority of the parkland available to ticket holders only.


Thursday 16th May
Parked closed to general public from 7pm except Fenham Carr with access from Parkgate Drive only (The Kissing Gate)

Friday 17th May
Highest Point Festival
Park Closed to non-ticket holders.
Event: 11am – 11pm.
Last Entry to Site: 7.30pm
Stages close 11pm.

Stage times for Friday

Saturday 18th May
Highest Point Festival
Park Closed to non-ticket holders.
Event: 11am – 11pm.
Last Entry to Site: 7.30pm
Stages close 11pm.

Set Times for Saturday

Sunday 20th May
The Big Family Day Out
Event : 9am – 7pm
Activities Start: 9am
Grand Parade: 11am
Main Stage: From 11am
Last Entry to Site: 3pm
Stages close 7pm.
Park reopens to public from 7pm with dynamic access throughout.


Want to know when your favourite artists are playing? Head over to our set times page


There are 5 Stages across the park, Main Stage, The Chris Glaba Memorial Stage, The Dell, The Sundial & The Gin & Disco Stage


Re-entry to the event is allowed until 7.30pm. Please note a full security check and bag search will still occur on re-entry to the site.


We welcome dogs on leads on Sunday 19th May. Dogs, except for pre agreed accessibility dogs will not be permitted on any other day of the event


Individual camping chairs are welcome at Highest Point, subject to a search upon entry to the event


The festival is open to all ages however under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult over 21yrs, if the adult is not the parent of the child.


We are promoting camping at Lancaster Cricket Ground, with tickets available here. Please note that we are not responsible for the running of this campsite. – http://skiddle.com/e/13460384

Cumbria University also have a number of rooms available at very reasonable prices, so if your kind of camping involves a bed and a shower, then head over to our accommodation page


Highest Point has it’s own car park facility just a short walk from our main entrance at NW Auction Mart, Wyresdale Rd, Lancaster LA1 3JQ. This is £5 per day and open from 10am. Pre Booking is essential, tickets on sale from Skiddle

Williamson Park has two pay and display car parks. Both of these will be closed for the duration of the event.

The Quernmore Road Car Park will be closed from Tuesday 14th May until Tuesday 21st May.

The Wyresdale Road Car Park will entirely close on Sunday 12th May at 7pm.

Above times are subject to change please keep an eye on our local area page for more info.

Should you require disabled parking access then please email info@highestpoint.co.uk

Please adhere to the parking restrictions that will be in place around the park including not parking on Quernmore Road, as this could severely restrict emergency access to the park.


Wyresdale Road will be closed to vehicles from 7am until 12pm on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May. Please arrange to park at NW Auction Mart, or use the shuttle bus details of which can be found on our tickets page


The nearest train station is Lancaster, with shuttle buses running to the site.  For more information visit National Rail


A shuttle bus will run from Lancaster Cricket Club, Lancaster Railway Station, and Dalton Square up to the festival site. Pre booking is essential by visiting our ticket page.


If arriving or leaving the site by Taxi or other means of private transport then please ask them to drop you at the Wyresdale Road car park. There is no access to the site from Quernmore Road.


There are no lockers available on site.


There is no cash machine on site. Our token booths all accept cash/card where your wristband will be charged with onsite credit to be then spent at onsite outlets.


All bags will be subject to a search. Please do not bring any bags larger than a A4 piece of paper. Man Bags are allowed.


We appreciate that local residents may have their own questions and concerns with regards to the event and how it may impact you.

Naturally, music festivals will generate noise. Working in association with one of the worlds best sound monitoring companies, we will have several monitoring points around the site to ensure that we are operating within the requirements of our premises licence and the guidelines set by environmental health.

Festival traffic is where possible being directed away from residents houses around the park and into our own designated parking area in NW Auctions.

We will be communicating with all residents directly affected by the festival once we have confirmed full details with the relevant authorities.

Should you have any other questions then please email info@highestpoint.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss anything with you.


A large selection of food and drink will be available across the site with several bars offering all your favourites alongside cuisine from across the world. These will accept tokens from your wristband, cash and card and will cater for every need.

No food will be permitted to be brought on site on Friday 17th or Saturday 18th May. The only exception to this is food for babies/toddlers or if you have specific dietary requirements – please register these with info@highestpoint.co.uk so we can send you a pass that allows this food on site.

If you wish to bring a family picnic to The Big Family Day Out on Sunday 19th May then this is welcome, however please do not attempt to bring any alcohol into the event or any unsealed drinks containers. Sealed soft drink containers are permitted.

There is free drinking water available across the Highest Point Site.


In December 2016 we lost our dearly loved friend and colleague Christopher Glaba to Cancer. Chris was an integral part of all the events we brought to Lancaster, and it is only fitting that we remember him in the best way we can, through his eclectic taste in music. That’s why our second stage will be forever remembered as The Chris Glaba Memorial Stage.

Collections will be in place for Macmillan across the site.


We wish our event to be enjoyable to all and are putting extensive plans in place to ensure that we are doing everything that is possible. The majority of the venue (although hilly) has hard standing paths throughout with other great facilities on offer to cater for specialist requirements.
Please email info@highestpoint.co.uk for information on our access to all policy and registration.


The top children’s play area will not be affected throughout the festival build and will be available to the general public until 7pm on Thursday 16th May. It will be open to ticket holding children throughout the festival.

The lower playground will be subject to dynamic closures from Saturday 11th May to allow for the safe construction of our main stage.


The butterfly house and mini zoo will be open with free entry to all ticket holders on our Family Fun Day, Sunday 19th May.

It will not be affected by the build or break of Highest Point, and will be open as usual until Thursday 16th May

Details of the opening of the Butterfly House during Highest Point for festival ticket holders will be published shortly. Access will be to ticket holders only.


Alcohol at Highest Point comes under the same law of the land that it does everywhere else, which simply put means you have to be 18 to purchase or consume it.

Furthermore, we are operating a challenge 25 policy on all our bars, which means if you are lucky enough to appear under the age of 25 we will ask you to produce identification to prove that you are 18 years or older.

Accepted identification is a driving licence or passport, or anything with the PASS logo on, so if you are attending the event and don’t have any of these then why not get one today from Citizen Card

In line with our licence agreement, we cannot allow any alcohol to be brought onto the park throughout the duration of the event. Free drinking water will be available at various locations throughout the site.


The possession or use of drugs at Highest Point again follows the same law of the land as anywhere. Therefore we will do our utmost to prevent illegal drugs and legal highs onto the site, pursue anyone suspected of supplying drugs and protect all our festival goers from harm should any incident occur. This includes all legal highs, laughing gas etc.


The official Highest Point afterparty will take place in the dell, from 6pm on Sunday 20th May finishing approximately 11pm. You can find out more information here


This event is brought to you with the full support of Lancaster City Council who have very kindly allowed us use of this wonderful space and it’s facilities.


Lost something at Highest Point? Email info@highestpoint.co.uk


Getting there

By foot

The best way to get to Highest Point is on foot! Please make your way to the Wyresdale Road entrance of Williamson Park (lower car park)

There is no access to the event by Quernmore Road.

A shuttle bus is running from Lancaster Railway Station and calling at Dalton Square to the event site at £1 each way.

By car

If travelling by car to Highest Point then please park in NW Auction Mart, Wyresdale Rd, Lancaster LA1 3JQ
There is a £5 per day charge for this parking.

Please do not park on local streets as this causes major disruption for local residents and blocks access for emergency vehicles. A number of measures will be in place for 2019 to prevent this from happening.

By train

Lancaster sits on the NW Main line with regular services from across the country. A shuttle bus will be running approximately every hour from the station up to the site. For more details please visit National Rail Enquiries