Chris Hawkins

A mainstay on the airwaves of BBC Radio 6 since its inception, soundtracking mornings with the best new music, forgotten classics and session tracks from the BBC archive; Chris Hawkins is a paragon of British Radio.

Outside of the radiowaves, Chris Hawkins is also a mainstay at Lancaster’s Highest Point, and is back once again in 2024 to host a stage – this year found at the Sundial – where he will be interviewing acts, welcoming special guest DJs, and providing a space to check out some alternative acts including a dog DJing!

He’ll be there all weekend, and with him being joined by the likes of The Cribs’s Ross Jarman, Lancasters own Lovely Eggs (For a Pub Quiz!), and many more; Chris Hawkins Sundial Stage will be an excellent pitstop throughout the weekend!

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