Gok Wan

Fashionista-turned-DJ, Gok Wan returns to Lancaster’s Highest Point, much to the delight of those lucky enough to be front and centre for his set on the festival’s main stage last year.

Selecting infectious house music, Gok blistered through a feel-good set packed with 90s favourites and club classics, injecting banter with the crowd along the way, a crowd who couldn’t have been more enamoured with him. Regularly referring to the Lancaster crowd as “Lan-biza” thanks to their unmatched energy from the barricade to the hilltops, Gok had the entire audience, young and old, in the palm of his hands.

Without a doubt one of the crowd favourites of 2023, and the most requested to return in 2024, we can expect much of the same infectious energy and glowing vibes at this year’s Highest Point Festival.

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