Hayley Zalassi

If there were ever a producer or DJ who embodied the ethos of ‘strictly party’, it’s Haley Zalassi. The Scots sets are pure electronic energy with no filler, and when she takes the stage at Highest Point 2024, you’ll struggle to avoid getting locked into a boogie.

From surprisingly taking over from Ricardo Villalobos on the Sub Club stage at Scottish Festival, Otherlands; to taking the helm at bristols iconic dance haven, Motion; to being chosen by fellow flying Scotsman Ewan McVicar to play a ‘Handpicked’ night; Zalassi has been backed by the best, so be assured she isn’t one to miss.

Remember the name, and if a two-step looks on the cards for you and your pals, get down to Hayley Zalassi tear up her set at Lancasters Williamson Park.

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