Issey Cross

Issey Cross has been a talented artist since her youth, a talent that’s only got bigger and better since she released her debut single ‘Who’ in 2021. Mixing heavy pop-rock sounds with DnB beats, Issey uses her music not only as a vehicle for a boogie but as a diary to share her life experiences.

Since moving to London Issey has become a part of the widely praised British collective, Loud LDN, and has been making some mad noise ever since. In 2021 Issey hopped on one of her biggest collaborations with Wilkinson featuring on the song, ‘Used To This’ which sat in the UK top 40 for a steady 12 weeks.

Now Issey takes to being iconic in many ways from, her grungy look and funky split dye hair, to her latest single ‘Bittersweet Goodbye’, sampling the banger, ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. Issey Cross will make her first appearance at Lancaster’s Highest Point this year, and with a talent like this hopefully, it’ll be the first of many!

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