Ross Jarman (The Cribs) DJ set

One of the trio of brothers who formed the cult heroes of British Indie music, The Cribs, Ross Jarman – drummer in the band – is coming to Lancaster’s Highest Point, and joining Chris Hawkins on the Sundial to flex his DJing muscles.

The Cribs, whilst most known for their staple track ‘Mens Needs’, are among the UK’s most underrated cult bands. Ross and his older twin brothers Gary and Ryan have five albums under their belts, and even had Johnny Marr as a member for a while; if that isn’t credit enough to them then nothing will be.

Ross always DJs The Cribs afterparties and their iconic yuletide parties called Cribsmas, so you can guarantee he’ll have some serious tunes in his locker, so make sure to get yourself down to his party at the Sundial!

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