Sam Ryder

Taking the UK all the way to the grand final of Eurovision in 2022 with his song ‘SPACE MAN’, Sam Ryder has since become something of a national treasure.

Noted for his jaw-dropping vocal range, sunny disposition, and Viking-like appearance, Ryder secured a number-one album with ‘There’s Nothing But Space, Man’, and sits comfortably with well over one million monthly Spotify listeners. Selling out his first London show in ten minutes, followed by a total sell-out of his UK tour, Ryder has already achieved the unthinkable despite this only being the beginning.

A natural-born performer, Sam Ryder’s visit to Lancaster is certain to snatch music fans’ hearts at Highest Point with his huge songs, including Eurovision hit ‘SPACE MAN’, which we’ve since seen him perform at the Queen’s Platinum Party, BBC One’s end-of-year concert to close 2022, and festivals across the UK.

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