15 Songs we can’t wait to hear at Highest Point

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With Highest Point fast approaching, we’re sat in eager anticipation of all the amazing tunes that we’re going to hear over the weekend.

From some of the biggest pop hits of the modern day; to the grooviest house beats and filthiest Drum and Bass bangers; to incredible tunes from local stars that need more attention. Highest Point is going to have it all.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the top 15 songs we are most excited to hear over our stages, reducing ourselves to just one song per artist. Check out what we chose below and be warned, listening to all these tunes will get you uncontrollably excited for the 10th of May!

Another Love – Tom Odell

One of the biggest folk-pop songs ever written, and one that never fails to pull open the wounds of lost love and heartbreak, ‘Another Love’ is a transformative tune that is effortlessly relatable and known by all.

Once that chorus comes along on the mainstage, we’re sure you’ll be able to hear the impassioned screams of the crowd from Morecambe Bay and beyond. Mr Odell is metamorphic when witnessed live, and this song is a big reason as to why.

Year 3000 – Busted

One of the most fun and nostalgic tracks from anyone in their youth during Busted’s reign, ‘Year 3000’ will send the crowd into a joyous frenzy when played at the band’s headline set at Highest Point.

Channelling a tale of time travel, flux capacitors, underwater cities, great-great-great-granddaughters and so much more, ‘Year 3000’ is a certified noughties pop classic, and we can’t wait to see you go crazy to it at the main stage!

Go – Cat Burns

One of the biggest tracks from one of Britain’s most authentic pop voices, ‘Go’ is Cat Burns’s slow-burn hit that will send the crowd into a flash-fire song and dance on the Highest Point Main Stage.

A track about a dramatic breakup that’s equal parts blunt and sincere but dripping in catharsis, ‘Go’ is a banger, and watching the masses scream “Pack up your sh*t and go” is going to be one of the moments of the festival.

Spaceman – Sam Ryder

The song that nearly won Britain the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022, Sam Ryders ‘ Space Man’ came second in the competition, but losing out on the top spot hasn’t stopped it from becoming a certified modern pop classic.

A track that imagines what it’s like to be an astronaut blasting into space and what the world would look like, and when that chorus hits, Sam’s voice just sends the vibe stratospheric. We can’t wait to hear you all singing along to this one in May!

Pretty Boys – Caity Baser

Caity Baser’s first-ever Top 40 single, ‘Pretty Boys’ is our track of choice when it comes to the trailblazing pop stars set at Highest Point. Through a comical collection of dating disasters, the tune channels infectious relatability and cathartic wit, resulting in a vibe that oozes charisma and fun.

It’s, in our opinion, going to be the highlight of her set, so make sure to make Ciatys set so as not to miss out!

Satisfaction – LOWES

The first single from Lancaster locals LOWES since splitting from their label and going independent, and what a tune to mark the new chapter for them. It’s raucous, rebellious, and creatively free in a way the band have not had the chance before; plus, comes with a wonderfully bonkers video.

LOWES are doing two sets over Highest Point, which means two opportunities to catch this new track live, a must-see in our eyes, particularly as they are from just down the road!

Lady Killaz – Mozey

Probably the fattest track that’ll be spun across the whole weekend, Mozey’s ‘Lady Killaz’ is the definition of a wobbler, with one of the punchiest kicks and a bass face-inducing drop, this is a track that’ll bring some carnage at the Memorial Stage.

Don’t be fooled by the liquid start, this one, through multiple drops that just get filthier and filthier, the Highest Point ravers are going to have to come with gun fingers locked and loaded for this one.

Used To This – Issey Cross

An Issey Cross and Wilkinson collab that is absolutely stunning in both its production and emotion, ‘Used To This’ is one of those tracks that exemplifies the magic and beauty that drum and bass can conjure.

It’s a track that never gets tired, builds powerfully with the piano and percussion, and sees Issey deliver a truly ethereal vocal register that matches the vibe of the track perfectly. The Memorial stage will truly be bouncing for this modern DnB classic.

Breathe – Culture Shock

One of Culture Shock’s latest releases in 2024 might just be among his best. ‘Breathe’ sees the London producer turn the dial up to 11 and do whatever he can to make you bounce off the walls and scrunch your face up something serious.

High-octane and innovative with some monster basslines, this tune is going to set the Memorial alight in a skank during the Unitee takeover, just make sure you’re in there amongst it.

Western Isles – Peat & Diesel

Comprising of three Stornoway Cove’s, one a fisherman, one an airport electrician, and one a delivery driver; Peat & Diesel are a brilliantly bonkers, raw and real trio with a soul firmly placed in the Western Isles, an area that their best tune is about!

‘Western Isles’ is a rollicking folk-punk number that we challenge you not to move along to. With guitars, accordions, and spoons, it’s a belter, and we think their set will be among the most fun you’ll have all weekend!

Weekend Offender – ADMT

A standout anthem in ADMT’s catalogue of heartfelt Sheeran-eque bangers, ‘Weekend Offender’ see’s the Yorkshire indie-rap star deliver a relatable dose of mischief around the age-old lie we tell ourselves about just going out for “one drink.”

Whilst some of his other softer tunes like ‘Best Friend’ or ‘Without You’ will get the sing-along going, it’s going to be ‘Weekend Offender’ that truly sets the stage alight.

Strange Faces – Hayley Zalassi

Not only is Glasweigian rising-star DJ, Hayley Zalassi an incredible deep house producer, but also a soulful vocalist, as her most successful tune ‘Strange Faces’ with Big Miz proves.

The feel-good house tune has been supported by Radio 1 shows and fellow DJs alike, and once Hayley steps on the Memorial Stage to do her thing, having her own vocals support such a groovy beat will be a special moment at Highest Point this year.

Total Love – Indifferent Monkey

Winners of Highest Points local band competition, IndifferentMonKeY are a Morcambe-based, trip-rock four-piece made up of Ellie Knowles, Joe Lowe, Brendan Syson and Graham Darbyshire.

‘Total Love’ their first single since changing lead singer, is a track done gospel style, and through its incredible vocal performance, is simply asking the questions; What do you believe? And why do you believe it? Their opening slot on the Highest Point mainstage si going to be something special, make sure to come down early and support them!

Something Good – Utah Saints

One of the only samples that Kate Bush ever allowed, containing a vocal sample from ‘Cloudbusting’, this infectious banger from the illustrious Utah Saints reached number 4 in the UK Charts on release in 1992, and it still holds up insanely well to this day.

An absolute classic banger that put the duo on the map, and one that will lock you in a deep groove upon being spun, it’s one you can’t miss, so make sure to catch the Utah Saints on Chris Hawkins’ Sundial Stage!

Hooky (LDN Dub Mix) – George Smeddles

A track pulled straight from producer-to-watch George Smeddles’ latest EP, For The Music, Pt. 2, Hooky (LDN Dub Mix) is an absolute vibe, with a groove-laden bass that wobbles under housey kicks, the track is an instant vibe-creator.

George Smeddles is on an absolute stormer at the minute, and his set at the memorial will be one that will be impossible not to move too, so if you’re after a boogie, you know where to go.

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