Why you should bring the kids to Highest Point 2024

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With Highest Point right around the corner, you may be struggling to find a babysitter, or wondering whether your parents will look after the kids for the weekend. Well, we’ve got a better idea, bring them with you!

Highest Point prides itself on its family-friendly approach to festival-going. Whether it be having a reduced price for 12-18-year-olds; letting all kids under 12 in for free; or our amazing kids area, central to the festival site, that we fill with so many activities. The Highest Point experience for the kids should not only involve the Big Family Day Out!

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There is so much for the kids to do at Highest Point 2024, scroll down and check it all out!

For starters, if you are worried about how much it’s going to cost to bring the kids along, don’t worry, as the price is significantly reduced based on age. 

A Two-Day Teen (13-17) Ticket costs £77.00; however, if you’re looking to bring one of the younger ones, all kids under 12 go to Highest Point absolutely free! The only caveat is that they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (1 adult per 4 minors).

Also, if your kids are a bit younger and you’re worried about things for them to do, don’t worry, our kid’s area provides all the entertainment you could need!

Running until 7pm each night, the kid’s area will be situated near the back of the main stage area, to the right of the memorial steps, and will be occupied by our long-time favourites; Ragtag Arts and Community Scrapstore and Northern Heights Dance & Aerial!

Ragtag Arts and Community Scrapstore are a community arts organisation in Kendal with the environment at its heart. Using and repurposing scraps to create crafts with kids, to reduce waste, celebrate creativity, and make people smile!


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At their spot in the Highest Point kids area, Rag Tag will be running: 

Craft Workshops – Drop-in sessions using reclaimed materials diverted from landfills, where children collect t materials from the “Scrappy Van” and make funky hats, badges, wands, and more; songs, games and loads of imaginative play, the Ragtag Roadshow is set to be Scraptastic

Loose Parts Play – A drop in space exploring the endless possibilities of scrap where, using a wide variety of waterproof, robust reclaimed materials from palettes to drain pipes, the kids can use their ingenious ways to attach and build anything from a robot to a ball run, a pirate ship, a den, an obstacle course, whatever they can imagine! 

Cardboard Kingdom – The Ragtag group will need help from the kids with this one. Their Kingdom Builders want to create an amazing Cardboard Kingdom where imaginations can run completely wild. The kids are invited to shape, build, paint and play within their fully cardboard creation! 

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Also in the kids’ area will be Northern Heights Dance & Aerial. An aerial-based fitness, acrobatics, circus & dance group who will be there to showcase their skills and pass them onto the lucky kids in attendance too!

At their spot in the Highest Point kids area, Northern Heights will be running: 

Circus Skills Workshops – Get the kids down learning some awesome new skills they can showcase to the family when they get home. The workshop will see the Northern Heights team teaching the kids Circus Skills like hula hooping, juggling, plate spinning, ribbon dancing, flower sticks, and more!

Stilt Walking  – Between acts on the mainstage, the Northern Heights crew will be getting dressed up and mounting the stilts, as they walk through the park to take pics with all the kids and other attendees.

Finally, our resident face painter will also be returning to the kids area, ready to colour around the beaming smiles of your little u  for an additional fee. 

There’s so much for the kids to do at Highest Point Festival 2024, so instead of getting a babysitter or waiting for the Big Family Day Out, make some memories as a family, and bring them along with you. Grab tickets below now!

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